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"Junko, you are a true artist ; humble, conscientious and sometimes timid...

The passionate explosive music that you produce is an inspiration and truly astonishing..."

                                    Thomas Gallus

"Thank you Junko for your wonderful music, your dynamic rhythmic playing inspires even the most exhausted dancer to get up and dance..."

                                   Robert Tewsley

Ballet Pianist​

Junko HATA

フランス国家音楽教師免状(Diplôme d'État de la musique)サックス部門伴奏ピアニストを務める。
帰国後、K-Ballet カンパニーで専属ピアニスト、リハーサルピアニストを務める。


Graduated from the Piano Department of Le conservatoire de National de la région de Versailles with first prize.

After returning to Japan, performed as an accompaniment at Tokyo Music & Media Arts Shobi before returning to France.

Graduated from Le conservatoire à Rayonnement de la Région de Cergy-Pontoise Piano Accompaniment Department, Chamber Music Department, Keyboard Harmony Department, and Harpsichord Department with first prize.

Awarded 2nd prize in the Concours international piano competition of Chatou and 3rd prize in the Concours Piano competition of l'Ile de France.

While studying at Le conservatoire à Rayonnement de la Région de Cergy-Pontoise, performed as an exclusive accompaniment for the Contemporary Dance Department as well as for the Classical Ballet department and the Instrumental Music Department.

Performed as an exclusive pianist for children's opera by the Conservatoire and the Junior High School Music Department and co-starred with the orchestra.

Performed as an accompaniment pianist for the French National Music Teacher's Diploma (Diplôme d'État de la musique) saxophone section.

Held recitals in Paris, France, and performed classical music as well as self-composed music.

After returning to Japan, performed as an exclusive pianist and rehearsal pianist at the K-Ballet Company.


Currently work as a freelance pianist, performing as a pianist for the Tokyo Ballet, the Paris Opera, the Royal Ballet's gala performance, and the YAGP competition. Also working as a French interpreter and conducting simultaneous translation for press conferences and interviews.


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